Introducing the LS10070S and LS10084! These hasps will assist in implementing site procedure by allowing a designated hole for site supervisors to lockout and/or stipulating that the first person to lockout, also needs to be the last to remove their lock. For a tighter squeeze we have the LS10084 with the shorter shackle, sitting at 40mm above the hasp. For ease of use the LS10070S’s shackle extends to 80mm above the hasp, allowing for more movement as you add additional locks, while still keeping the switch securely isolated.

As with our entire range at Locksafe, these hasps can be changed/customised to suit your individual needs! We can cater to a different phrase or instruction laser cut into the hasp, adjust the shackle diameter or even expand to allow more padlocks. Talk to your sales rep today about your site specific needs.