GPC Commercial, along with Ashdown-Ingram and NAPA Auto Parts, is an official Australian distributor of Nordic lights.

Founded in Finland in 1992, Nordic Lights know all about extreme conditions and the difficulties faced in illuminating harsh environments.

Nordic makes exceptionally durable, heavy-duty work lights with an even distribution of light

Made in conjunction with some of the industry’s biggest names in big equipment, Nordic is confident that their LED work lights will provide you with an even light pattern and light distribution that suits your needs.

Their testing facility ensures their lights are ready for the world’s harshest environments, testing lumen output and light distribution, vibration and shock, dust and humidity, heat and cold exposure, thermal cycling, thermal protection, electromagnetic compatibility, full functionality, abnormal conditions, chemical resistance and usability.

One exciting factor to Nordic Lights is their QUAKE dampening system. Due to its unique construction, shocks and vibrations will never strain all axles in a straight line of force. In other words, if the force comes in line with one axle, it will still be out of line with all other parts of the QUAKE dampening system. This results in a uniform distribution of the force throughout the dampening system. This means lights will last longer, are less likely to require repair and will effectively illuminate the work areas.

With the right kind of dampening, a work light’s resistance to shock and vibration will greatly increase. Not only will the work light take much longer to break, but the different components inside the light will also last longer, requiring far less maintenance and fewer replacements.

Choosing to use Nordic lights on your heavy duty equipment is a smart move. Not only can you expect superior durability and low maintenance, Nordic lights implement the best available technology which is backed by extensive testing and ISO 9001 accreditation.

Nordic lights are optimised for use on specific equipment and utilise a range of different light patterns, dampeners, brackets and cable connectors to suit the job at hand.

Used on mine sites around the world, Nordic’s range of LED work lights are typically used on heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, trucks, wheel loaders and mine site equipment.

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