For years, Nissan Navara and Patrols have had very similar alternators fitted. The main difference was the B positive terminal position. Due to the confined space and position of the engine components, only a unit with the correct B positive would fit which can be confusing and time consuming.

OEX now have a patent innovation to offer a solution to these requests.

The HXA099U is a single unit with the ability to move the B positive terminal to different positions. All applications can now be solved with one unit. The units also feature increased output from 90A to 120A which is perfect for serious off-roaders.

Multiple applications can be covered by utilising the innovative relocatable B+ terminal. This innovation allows you to configure the terminal prior to fitment, saving time and unnecessary labour costs for re-fitments.

To relocate the terminal, simply remove the blanking cover/nut and relocate the B+ terminal to the correct position and tighten the nut to 4.4 – 5.8Nm using a torque wrench. Use the blanking cover to fill the original position. It is important to understand that each position is specific to a range of OE/OEM numbers.

This innovation allows automotive technicians to stock one unit and manage inventory more effectively. With the simple relocation of the terminal, the HXA099U is compatible for multiple Nissan vehicles.

For more information about this product, click here or contact your local OEX specialist.