Australia’s largest specialist automotive electrical and thermal parts distributor has been awarded Master Distributor of Red Dot heavy duty thermal products.

This Master Distributor status means Ashdown-Ingram, Covs and NAPA Auto Parts are now the primary destination for Australia’s leading heavy duty automotive electricians and thermal specialists to purchase Red Dot’s market leading products.

Ashdown-Ingram’s Business Manager – Thermal Control, David Ellis, is very pleased with the appointment. “It means we can better service our heavy duty and Industrial customers with a wider range of Red Dot products from over 50 well known locations across the country”, said Mr Ellis.

“This level of relationship is testament to our strong partnership with Red Dot; it’s something we’ve been working hard to continue, knowing that Red Dot products are so highly sought after and trusted by heavy duty auto electricians and thermal specialists”, he said.

Ashdown-Ingram is known widely as the home of leading brands because of their relationship with so many of the world’s leading brands. Having been a partner with Red Dot for many years, this is a very exciting opportunity for the two companies.

Covs is a trusted supplier of automotive spare parts in Western Australia, and has also been supplying Red Dot in the West for a number of years.

The increased level of products, greater availability and potential for customization means heavy industrial thermal specialists can best adapt market leading cooling technology to their fleet, vehicles and equipment.

Red Dot’s range of industrial HVAC units for transport and heavy machinery is unparalleled in the market. With units developed for Trucking, Agriculture, Industrial and Construction applications, each Red Dot thermal solution is built to last in our rugged and demanding environment.

Not only does Red Dot design and manufacture complete HVAC units and kits for rooftops, trailers and cabins, they are also a full line distributor of condensers, compressors, filters, thermostats, switches and fans as replacement parts for OE units.

For more information about the Red Dot units available for your business, please contact your local Ashdown-Ingram, Covs or NAPA Auto branch or visit